Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

New Kitchen water loss

Water can travel far and fast. This home experienced a water loss in the kitchen resulting in the demolition of the majority of the room. SERVPRO cam in, tor ou... READ MORE

Dining Room - Water Loss Exposure

This residential water loss left this home with the majority of the home affected. The ceiling paint began to peel away and floor and walls need much work. With... READ MORE

Tree Root destruction

Crazy how nature works. This house was flooded with water after a tree root jeopardized the water line. This property was exposed to lots of water causing damag... READ MORE

Large Residential Water Loss and Tear Out

When water sits for an extended period of time, sometimes drying your walls and carpet out isn't exactly an option. You have a very short window in some cases t... READ MORE

Water line breakage

A resident called into SERVPRO concerning water damage. The water line between the house and the city hook up broke during the night causing flooding in the res... READ MORE

Standing Water is No Problem!

Water can cause lots of problems. Potential to ruin carpet, hard wood floors and causing laminate flooring to be torn out is what you readily see up front. Wh... READ MORE