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Future So Bright... We Need Shades

Happy National Sunglasses Day from your friends at SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties. A gift to our employees this summer season, Green SERVPRO sunglasses to sport while on our Job sites each day! Lookin' Good Everyone!

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"Like it never even happened."

Storm disaster turned to new

Check out more photos of this loss here!

This property experienced some water damage after a storm. With the help of SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Coutnies, this loss is "Like it never even happened." 

Reach out to SERVPRO anytime day or night, we are always here to help at (217)935-2992. Also, check out the before and after photos in the link above, crazy transformation. 

Residential Water Loss

After the majority of this home was affected by water SERVPRO came to the rescue. With our professional restoration and construction staff, this home no longer has water damage. Fresh ceiling, fresh paint, and fresh flooring leaves this home "Like it never even happened." 

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt counties today for all your water loss needs. Reach us anytime day or night at (217)935-2992. Check out our Before and After photos of the room here. 

Commercial Freezer Cleaning

This business had experienced a loss of power for an extended period of time. The kitchen of the facility had meat and other refrigerated items that were spoiled and remained in the coolers. These items had to be removed and disposed of and the cooling units needed to be thoroughly cleaned. 

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt counties today for all your emergency service needs at (217)935-2992, we are always here to help! Your disaster will be "Like ti never even happened" once we finish the job! Check out some Before and After photos of the work we did!

Tile Cleaning on Commercial property

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties today for any cleaning services. You can reach us anytime day or night at (217)935-2992. We are always here to help you in your time of need, no matter the circumstances.

This commercial business needed a facelift. SERVPRO came out and cleaned this tile back to normal. With our professionally trained staff, we can make your disaster or mess "Like it never even happened."  Before and After Photos.

Restoration after House Fire

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties today for all your emergency services needs. A fire or water loss will evacuate from your home, but SERVPRO will move you back in. Reach us at (217)935-2992 anytime day or night!

This home was up in flames causing distress for this homeowner. With the help of our professional restoration and construction staff, we were able to make this disaster  "Like it never even happened." Check out the Before and After Photos to see the repairs we made. 

Entry way damage- Restoration/Construction Work

After a storm hit this home, water damage was present. This entry was torn apart and restored "Like it never even happened." Our Restoration team came to remove all moisture present in the walls and ensured everything was dry before construction bg=egan. With the insertion of new drywall and flooring, this homeowner is happy with the result. 

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties, your 24-hour emergency service providers, always here to help you in your time of need. Contact us at (217)935-2992.

Before and After photos here!

SERVPRO of Piatt /DeWitt supports Teen Suicide Awareness

SERVPRO of Piatt/DeWitt owners, Suzie & Dave McGuire sold raffle tickets at Heritage Days in Farmer City and May Days in Clinton this past month.  The raffle winner will receive a brand new 2019 Chevy Spark car for a 20$ donation to fund resources for teenage suicide awareness and prevention in the local Piatt/DeWitt Counties.  SERVPRO of Piatt/DeWitt Counties is committed to serving the local community where the need is greatest.  Tickets will be on sale until the 2500 ticket goal is met. The drawing is on November 1, 2019.

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties today for more information! (217)935-2992!

Residence Fire Restoration/Construction Work

You may feel like you can’t get the pieces back together in your life after experiencing a fire in your home. SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties is here to help make that disaster “Like it never even happened.” With our professional crew and team leads, SERVPRO will help you with care and ease to ensure your property is restored and you can get back to living life how you should. 

This home received and beautiful facelift after experiencing damages from a fire, but with the help of SERVPRO, this residence is back to new. Call us today if you have a fire, water, or mold affecting your daily life and the comfort of your home. Reach us at (217)935-2992, we are always here to help.

Check out the before and after photos here!

Tree Root Destruction

Crazy how nature works. This house was flooded with water after a tree root jeopardized the water line. This property was exposed to lots of water causing damage to the interior structure. Our SERVPRO crew came out and extracting all the standing water, along with the air dryers to keep the moisture out. Construction then was prepared for repairs to the damaged area. 

Listed below are the many things our construction team installed and repaired in this property:

  • Can lights
  • Diffuser
  • Ceiling
  • Base trim
  • Flooring
  • Freshly painted walls

The bedroom space in this house (not pictured) was also vamped up and made "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO today, let us cover all the bases from carpet cleaning and water extraction to mitigation and full service contracting. Reach us anytime day or night at (217)935-2992, we are always here to help you in your time of need. 

Large Residential Water loss and Tear out

When water sits for an extended period of time, sometimes drying your walls and carpet out isn't exactly an option. You have a very short window in some cases to eliminate the chances for secondary growth. In this case, our professionals' opinion was that the carpet and walls were unfortunately not salvageable. SERVPRO is more than capable of handling the tear out that this house required for us to be comfortable that there would be no secondary growth occurring in the near future. After we were comfortable with the saturation levels of the house, we are also capable of restoring this living room back to its full potential. Our licensed construction team is able to fully reconstruct this back to its original look.

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties is ready for you, call us anytime day or night at (217)935-2992, we will make your disaster "Like it never even happened." Before and After photos

Commercial Business Bio Cleanup

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties was called to the scene of another commercial business for biohazard cleanup. This incident involved a customer missing the toilet with their duties. With the business policy at this property, they are not to handle this type of mess for their safety. SERVPRO is trained and certified to deal with biohazardous materials. We can clean and dispose of the fluids without being exposed to the fluids and causing diseases or harm to our bodies. The bathroom were cleaned and disinfected with our SERVPRO products leaving the bathroom clean and ready for use.  

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties for all your Water, Fire and Biohazardous disasters.

Before and After Photos

Outlet Store Flood

This commercial business was starting to become an underwater mess when they decided they needed some professional help. SERVPRO came to the rescue. Within a few hours of cleaning, extracting water, and drying out the affected areas this business was feeling much better about their future. SERVPRO came and worked hard to ensure this business did not lose too much business from this disaster.  They are currently no longer wet and with the help of our services the store looks “Like it never even happened.”

Call us anytime day or night for your emergency services. Reach out to us in the office at (217)935-2992, we are always here to help. Our 24-hour services make for fast and reliable work giving you the peace of mind you never knew you needed. 

Before and After Photos

Secondary Growth Remediation

A resident had a roof leak on their property causing water damage. The roof was fixed by an unknown company but moisture was still present in the home. Months passed and SERVPRO received a call about possible mold growth on the ceiling of one of the home's bedroom. Upon arrival, the growth was present and a crew was ready to remediate the mold. 

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties today for any of your emergency service needs. We are always here to help your disaster "Like it never even happened." Before and After Photos

Animal Fallout Cleaning

Have animals taken over your attic? Do you need help cleaning up their mess? SERVPRO can do just that. 

This homeowner found a leftover party disaster. Some unwelcome furry friends hiding in the attic decided they would make themselves right at home. This mess was found leaving the homeowners unhappy with the result. SERVPRO was able to come out to the property and clean the attic area. As you can tell you would never know they had animals in this space. Our crew made sure these customers had an attic that looked "Like it never even happened." Don't let furry unwanted friends leave a mess for you to clean up and call SERVPRO today, we are here to help!

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties today at (217)935-2992 for your emergency service needs, we are always here to help make your disaster "Like it never even happened." Before and after photos

Apartment Bathtub cleaning

Dirty Tub? Clean it up with SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties.

A fire caused by a microwave catching on fire left this dorm covered in soot from top to bottom. SERVPRO came to the site to clean and remove all soot from the affected areas. Fire damage affects more than just the room where it started, but any room with air access during the time of the fire. This bathroom door was open when the fire started, allowing smoke to travel into the room causing soot residue. One of our production technicians did a great job on this tub, making it “Like it never even happened.”

Call us at (217)935-2992 anytime day or night to service your home or commercial property after a fire loss. SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties is always here to help in your time of need. Before and After photos

Office Water Loss

Don’t let the water hold you back from a productive working day. No business wants to come in on a morning after a storm to find their office covered in water. The thought of having to close for the day can be very damaging to your business bank account, so let SERVPRO prevent that from happening. With our immediate response team and 24/7 crews ready at a moments notice, SERVPRO can help you stay in business.

This office experienced water damage from a storm. They called SERVPRO and the crew came out to take care of the disaster immediately. Before the air movers and dehumidifiers can be set to dry the area, the water was extracted with our state of the art equipment. Everyone in the office was able to work while our services occurred and they finished the entire day “Like it never even happened.” Before and After photos

Walgreen's Bio-hazardous Cleanup

Walgreens called us to the scene of this biohazardous cleanup. SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties is specialized in handling biohazardous materials in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and possible diseases. This is something Walgreens does not want to be liable for when trying to clean up, so SERVPRO does it for them.

Call us today for any of your business or residential bio hazardous cleanup needs. We are always here to help at (217)935-2992. Reach out to us anytime day or night and we will arrive at your property immediately after your call. Let us make your disaster "Like it never even happened."

Clouded Ceiling Reconstruction

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties can handle the construction aspect of any job we take on. After a Fire or Water loss, you may need additional needs including construction to your property. This house needs construction done to restore it back to normal. With our crews' painting skills, this clouded ceiling was restored “Like it never even happened.” Before and After photos

Call us today at (217)935-2992 to help with any water or fire loss you experience. We are a 24 hours emergency service, reach out to us anytime day or night. We are always here to help you in your time of need.

Storm Damage - Flooded Basement

Storm damage with harsh winds and rain, caused water to fill this resident’s home. SERVPRO entered the basement and began their extraction process. Removing the walls and flooring was a must in order to dry every part affected by water. The water quickly disappeared as SERVPRO technicians extracted the water, fans and dehumidifiers began to be set in the proper position in order to dry everything. It is now ready for construction to come out and repair the walls and flooring "Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties if your basement has experienced water from any storm, pipe burst, or utility leak. We are always here to help, reach us at (217)935-2992.

Before and After Photos

Content Cleaning - Lego Table

Content Cleaning is a system that SERVPRO includes with the Fire and Water restoration process. Not only do we restore the damage done to your house structure or commercial property but also the contents affected as well.  Our production technicians will clean and sanitize each piece to ensure it is ready to move back when the site is back to normal condition. This Lego table was a piece removed from a house that experienced a fire. SERVPRO wants to make each disaster “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (217)935-2992 if you have experienced a fire or water loss at your home or business.  

Check out our Before and After photos of this table and many other losses, we have serviced.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Brick Wall Soot Removal

Cleaning up the aftermath of fire involves more than the objects in the building or home and structure that caught fire, it also involves the objects and structure that didn’t get exposed to the actual fire. That means walls, furniture, and more are covered in soot, whether its obvious or not. This wall is one of those obvious instances. After this church fire many things burnt to the ground but others were just exposed to soot and smoke.

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties was able to restore the still standing structure and objects in the church and make them “Like it never even happened.” Reach out to us after any of your emergency service needs and we can help you in your time of need. Call our Piatt/Dewitt Counties office anytime day or night at (217) 935-2992.

Check out the Before and After Photos of this Wall. 

Mattress Stain Removal

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties is here to help you. Whether it's carpet cleaning, water extraction, or soot removal, we are who to call. But did you know we also clean mattresses? As seen in the pictures provided we made this stain disappear. 

This hotel had a recent hotel guest left a bright yellow stain of urine and vomit for the maids to clean up. However, they were unable to complete this task so of course, they called SERVPRO. 

SERVPRO came in, gave an estimate to the Manager, and started working right away. Not only did the stain come out but we made it "Like it never even happened." Let SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties be your source for all those tricky deep stains, as this mattress. No need to buy a new one, or continue to use a stained mattress when SERVPRO can erase it for you.

Call us today at (217)935-2992!

9 inches Basement Flood

Have you ever wondered what 9 inches of Water in a basement looks like? Well, this pic shows you just that. 

After a large storm in the area, this residential property took in a lot of water. 9 inches in this basement was this homeowners result. SERVPRO was able to remove the water and help this family through this stressful time. 

Not every storm is the same and not every home experiences the same amount of water damage but every home can count on SERVPRO to restore it back to its original condition.

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties today at (217)935-2992 and we can make it "Like it never even happened." 

Supply Line Breakage

SERVPRO was called to the scene of a residential property with water damage. This residential property had a toilet supply line break. SERVPRO was able to access the water damage, and determine what needed to be done. Everything was dried out and Dehumidifiers set to remove any excess water in the air, carpet, and walls.

Contact SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties anytime, day or night for all your emergency service needs. You can reach us at (217) 935-2992, We are here to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Resident's crawlspace flooding

A resident called into SERVPRO concerning water damage. The water line between the house and the city hook up broke during the night causing flooding in the resident's crawlspace. Once the water was shut off, 2 inches of water was left standing at the base of the crawl space. One of our crews came out to extract the water immediately to avoid any other complications. 

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties for any of your emergency service needs, reach us at (217)935-2992.

Bagel Shop Glass Disaster

The Property Manager of this commercial property contacted us after a car drove through the buildings front window scattering glass everywhere. SERVPRO was contacted to come to clean up all the glass and debris from the car collision. Table and Chairs were removed from the area and cleaned. Once the area was cleared of chairs, table and large pieces of debris, the rest was swept up with brooms and dustpans, moved to supplied dumpsters and vacuumed leaving no glass and debris behind. After 90 minutes the designated area was clear of all glass and debris and SERVPRO finished the job.

Call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties for any of your commercial cleaning needs, reach us at (217)935-2992.

Tar Footprint Carpet Stain

A customer walking into a carpeted Community Building with tar and road asphalt on their boots caused heavy soiled footprints in the front office. After a production tech scrubbed the spots with a solution they began to lighten but the footprints were still present. The crew lead then tried our product "Miracle Worker", after letting it set on the prints for a few minutes he then used hot steam to lift the stain. The spots were no longer on the carpet. The Office Manager of the Community Building was very pleased, and in disbelief that SERVPRO could remove the footprint stains. 

Storage Facility Fire

SERVPRO was called to the scene of a fire for cleanup. A facility experienced a piece of equipment catch fire resulting in part of the building being damage and lots of soot throughout the premises. This facility is the storage source for two businesses in the area. SERVPRO was the right choice to make, we are able to restore not only the building but most of the contents being stored. Being able to help people and businesses in need is our specialty, call SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties any time day or night for your emergency service needs at (217) 935-2992. 

Fire Truck Parade

What a great night the Clinton Fire Tuck Parade! The square was packed with onlookers to check out all the different fire trucks from all over Central Illinois. SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties had the honor of driving one of our production vehicles along the parade route with the Firetrucks. 

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties appreciates everything that our local and surrounding community Fire departments do for all the residential and commercial properties. If you have had to call the fire department from a house or business fire, contact SERVPRO if any damage developed. We take pride in restoring your property "Like it never even happened." Reach us 24/7 at (217)935-2992.

Morao Fire Department Breakfast

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties was overjoyed to attend the Moroa Fire Departments pancake and sausage breakfast. This event was held to raise money to support the volunteer department. A great time was had by all, along with a delicious breakfast. There was a great turnout at the breakfast, making for a successful morning! 

Thank You Moroa VFD for your hospitality.

SERVPRO Race for Life 2019

SERVPRO takes pride in being involved in the community!  We are happy to announce that we will be having a 10K/5K Run at Weldon Springs State Park on November 2nd at 9am!  The run is to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness.  Money raised would be used to train teachers, counselors, aides and first responders in the area communities on how to spot warning signs in at-risk youth and what the next steps should look like.

Interested in donating money, learning more details, or being a part of the race? Contact SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties at (217)935-2992. 

Mt.Zion Chamber March Luncheon

SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties enjoys getting involved in communities Chamber of Commerce. The Mt. Zion Chamber of Commerce held their monthly luncheon at their convention center in town. Nearly 70 members attended the meeting, and the lunch was sponsored by Millikin University. Thank You to the Mt. Zion chamber for having us at another successful luncheon.

Any questions on how SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties gets involved in the community or how we can get involved with your business or organization, reach out to us at (217)935-2992.

Air Movers

Air movers are essential to the drying process for several reasons.  When set up properly, the air movers create a vortex which helps accelerate the drying process.  The moving air also helps the dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air quicker and from further distances.